Make Google My Homepage

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don't the buttons work in Firefox or other browsers?

A: Firefox and other browsers do not support this feature which is ex clusive to Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Q: What is iGoogle and how is it different from Google?

A: iGoogle is meant to be a homepage and it has Google search and can be customized to show whatever you like upon startup. Another start page which works like this is NetVibes. Our drop down menu has the ability to set either of these to be your homepage. Alternatively, if you click on the logo, you can see what the page looks like and test it before you set it to be your homepage.

For non Internet Explorer browsers, you cannot do a single button setting of your homepage, you must manually set it according to our instructions.

Step 1.) Click on "Tools" as shown below:

make google my homepage

Click on the item: Options

Step 2.) A dialog box will open as shown:

Set Homepage Dialog Box

From this dialog box you simply set your homepage to Google or any other page you might choose. Then click "OK" and you are done!

If you would like to see it done, you can see a video of how to set your homepage.

To see a video of how to do it, click on the image below. You can enlarge it to full screen.